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Thursday, June 04, 2009

WebLogic Clustering with Unicast

Until WebLogic 9.2 the only communication mode available between the Cluster members of your WebLogic domain is ‘Multicast’. Starting with WebLogic 10.0, Oracle in addition to MultiCast, supports communication between the Cluster members using Unicast. Quick definitions of Unicast and Multicast from Wikipedia.

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Chandra said...

Hi Satya,
Is there an offline equivalent to this script, especially for the part that creates network accesspoints?

Do we need two channel ports if we have 2 managed servers?


Satya Ghattu's Blog said...

No, I don't have one, but if I come across one I will post it here.
You can use the default channel that uses the regular managed server port for cluster communication. But it is recommended that you have a different network channel for cluster communications.

Anonymous said...

One additional piece to ensure is that the session replication and load balancing does not break when using unicast in a secure weblogic environment. For that set the secure replication enabled to true on the cluster MBean. I feel oracle should fix this so the server would automatically enable secure replication when using a secure default protocol.

see the post at my blog TechVibe

EdP. said...

Hi Satya,

Is there a place to find any specifics on how to setup a Unicast channel and when or if you need to .
From this example it is unclear to me how that is set up. I am familiar with what is needed for a multicast IP. WLS doc has not been too helpful for this , nor has WLS support.


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