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I work in a financial company where my team provides Architecture, IT, Engineering & Strategic support to Business applications. I worked for BEA Systems (now Oracle) for more than five years as a Senior Software Engineer mainly in the Operations Administration and Management aspects of WebLogic Platform. I possess vast experience in software development excelling in Middleware & Database Components and Core Java/J2EE technologies. I also lead a few open source projects and a contributor on Dev2Dev. Did I mention that I am the original author of WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST), the official command line tool for WebLogic Platform. I also hold a few software patents, prior to BEA Systems I worked in variety of software industries in various different roles as a Senior Java developer, Software Analyst and as an Oracle DBA. I have a Masters Degree in Engineering from The University Of Akron, Ohio.
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Friday, October 24, 2008

Number Format Exception while starting WebLogic Server

Ok, this has occurred way too many times recently in our environment. This usually happens if your machine is running low on space and WebLogic Server corrupted a file in the embedded LDAP.
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demenis said...

It's working... Thanks man!

Uze said...

I had another weird numerical error, but it fixed it too, thanks!

Satya Ghattu's Blog said...

good to hear my post helped you ...

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