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I work in a financial company where my team provides Architecture, IT, Engineering & Strategic support to Business applications. I worked for BEA Systems (now Oracle) for more than five years as a Senior Software Engineer mainly in the Operations Administration and Management aspects of WebLogic Platform. I possess vast experience in software development excelling in Middleware & Database Components and Core Java/J2EE technologies. I also lead a few open source projects and a contributor on Dev2Dev. Did I mention that I am the original author of WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST), the official command line tool for WebLogic Platform. I also hold a few software patents, prior to BEA Systems I worked in variety of software industries in various different roles as a Senior Java developer, Software Analyst and as an Oracle DBA. I have a Masters Degree in Engineering from The University Of Akron, Ohio.
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Monday, October 10, 2005

WLST - BEAWorld session - part 2

Continuing with the demo, reaad here

1 comment:

Mohan said...

Hi Satya

These are great stuff.

Quick question, while running ConfigToScript, a config and key file was created which has multiple username passwords for various jdbc datasources, would you happen to know how create this file. I want to use the scripts generated by wlst to recreate a domain on a different environment, which means i have to change the database name it connects to and also the database password, which is where i am having the problem, since all the jdbc, nodemanager, password seems to be stored in a single config file. I am not sure how to store multiple id and passord in this file. I have used STOREUSERCONFIG, but it only stores the weblogic admin username and password.

thanks for your help

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